Bring yourself back to balance with a variety of non-medical therapeutic methods.

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Jane Hayes (2022)

Modern life can feel very hard. In my practice, I’ve observed in my clients that unrelenting stress can quickly affect energy, motivation, and overall health. Your body is constantly adjusting through thousands of responsive systems with the goal of maintaining a healthy balance. Sometimes there are too many counterbalancing forces for the body to have the ability to catch up. People usually think they don’t have time for their body’s rest and digest needs. But when that’s your reasoning, illness often comes in to force the issue.

Fortunately good health is often easily restored with deep sleep, quality home cooked foods, and an understanding that relaxation is a necessary activity. While many factors can cause disease to develop including the foods we eat, the environment around your body, emotional toxins, and endogenous metabolic waste products; starting your body on a path to self healing is often as simple as stopping and taking a breath.

In my practice, I help clients figure out why their symptoms have manifested, and empower them to make the changes that will restore their wellness. After a diagnostic analysis of what’s causing their symptoms, my goal is to assist in moving and supplementing healthy energy with Acupuncture, Biofield Tuning, and well researched lifestyle and diet coaching. If you’re unsure which one of these is right for you, start by making a 15 minute consultation appointment!