Bring yourself back to balance with a variety of non-medical therapeutic methods.

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Jane Hayes, RAc.

Our busy lives can be hard sometimes. Ideally you have a nice balance of challenges and rewards, but there will be days when the scale tips one way or the other. Too many hard stressful days in a row can really add up. The body does not forget any of this. The human organism is constantly calculating and adjusting to literally thousands of biological balances. When we are too stressed for too long, don’t pay attention to our own needs while caring for others, or stay in a bad job longer than is reasonable, the body’s ability to balance and maintain health is not served.

People forget, and need to know there is a perfectly functioning body inside all of us. While there are many factors can cause disease to develop including the foods we eat, the environment around your body, emotional toxins, and endogenous metabolic waste products; clearing the way for your body to do what it does so well is not impossible.

In my practice, I help clients figure out how they got where they are, and empower them to make the changes that will restore their wellness. My goal is to assist in moving and supplementing the healthy energy with Acupuncture, Biofield Tuning, and diagnostic analysis of their health picture.

If you don’t know whether one of these is right for you, start by making a 15 minute consultation appointment!


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