What is Enough Sleep?

Get some SLEEP!

Get some SLEEP!

Registered Acupuncturist Jane Hayes sees clients of all ages who have sleep challenges.

So just because you can be ‘at work’ without changing clothes or leaving the house does not mean it’s a good idea to shift sleep to 1am – 9am. Sadly if you think that schedule is ‘just as good’ as 10pm-6am, unfortunately it’s not. If we’re not asleep by 10, the energy of the liver may incite a creative thought pattern. If we are asleep as we should be, that energy would be used for detoxing the blood and allowing the subconscious mind to dream. Is your mind is too busy to even bother trying to sleep before you’re exhausted? If you’re going to bed later, its might be due to what organ system is ‘in charge’ at your bed time. Try to move your habit back to 930 or 10pm. The adjustment takes some effort, but it’s worthwhile.

I never treat a client until we’ve discussed their sleep. Deep, uninterrupted sleep is so important to your health that it often has to be addressed before other problems improve. Inflammation, anxiety, depression, weight gain, and digestive disorders, all require good sleep for you to be able to feel well again.

The great news is that Acupuncture, Biofield Tuning and lifestyle advice help sleep quality almost automatically. One of the most common comments I hear after a treatment include, “I slept much better after my treatment”. Combined with adopting good sleep hygiene (what we do in the 2-3 hours before bed), clients can feel dramatic changes in their available daily energy in a relatively short period of time. Our general rule is; the longer it has been dysregulated, the longer it takes to bring it back in balance. Be patient and do the work. You can only benefit from the results.

Stay tuned for more info on the changes you can make to get better sleep, and tips on knowing if you’re getting it right! If you missed the first article of the sleep series, that can be found here.

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