March Update

Introducing Biofield Tuning

In case you are new to Biofield Tuning it’s a therapeutic modality created by Eileen McKusick, author of “Tuning the Human Biofield”. Her research conducted over the last 20 years allowed her to find and map the energetic zone around our body which takes a toroidal shape. As our lives are lived, this area around the body accumulates energetic disturbances within the healthy spaces. Those tangles which we find with a tuning fork relate to physical, emotional, and unconscious traumas. Unconscious traumas could be acts by others on you or traumas inflicted upon people you love which you were not aware of on a conscious level. These can manifest as feelings in your gut or times in your life when you felt off and could not figure out why. These traumas also accumulate in numbers and may have you feeling sad or overwhelmed right now. Our first session will focus in on a single body area or chakra, each of which Eileen has mapped to a specific challenge in life which may resonate with you, such as; speaking but not being heard, or stuckness and inability to move forward. Although these may seem quite specific, know that we are actually working on the whole body’s energetic imbalances in the same way an acupuncture needle in the foot can alleviate headaches.

Going to the Show

I’m so excited to announce that myself and 5 other Biofield Tuning Practitioners will be attending the Total Health Show at Metro Toronto Convention Center on APril 12th, 13th, and 14th. If you’re interested in attending, details can be found here:

If you plan to attend please stop by Booth 727 for a biofield tuning chair session for only $20.

Bring your friends and you can all sign up to win one of three free treatments we will be giving away by random draw, one per day of the show. We will also be handing out postcards which entitle first time clients to 20% off their first treatment with any of the Ontario based practitioners who will be at the show. This is one of the biggest health expos on the annual calendar in Toronto, so needless to say we are anticipating a great event full of compelling speakers and lots of great promos.

Meeting New Clients

So far this month has been very rewarding at in new client activity for Go Beyond Healing.

The number of new people treated to their first biofield tuning session has doubled over February and feedback from their experience has been strong. The most consistent feedback still relates to deep relaxation and increased productivity after a treatment, but in addition, clients express feeling stress relief, a lightness of body and heart, and better sleep. During April, we’ll be sharing more customer feedback, so stay tuned for that.

First Time Client Discount

Since I know it can be hard to take the plunge and start treatments in a fairly new therapeutic modality, through April 15th I’m offering $20 off your initial appointment for the full Biofield Tuning session. Once you have tried Biofield Tuning for yourself, you will understand its power and experience how deeply its benefits are felt. No two sessions are alike, just like no two people are just alike, so rest assured that your session will be customized to what your body needs in the moment your session commences. During your session, we will work through your biofield, finding places where the energy is in chaos, resolve those energetic tangles, and wrap you up in a sound bath that allows for more resilience in your daily life.

Please share our website with anyone you know needs this type of help, and make sure they mention the initial client deal when they book their first appointment.

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