Chinese medicine is a whole lot more than its name.

The first known instances of Traditional Chinese Medicine are 2000BC. Since its introduction into other regions, the founding theories have been tested and modified. It has grown, changed, and assimilated to other regions and cultures. It has became regionally distinct, developed specialized techniques, and continues to be tested and new therapies developed today.

Chinese Medicine’s diagnostic process is well suited to today's health challenges.

Chinese Medicine
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To try to explain any of the variations currently practiced based on this history in under 500 words would be like defining a 1,000 year old tree by one of its leaves. So we’re not going to do that here.

But it is okay not to know the complete story.
What we know it is: a multitude of related methods based on dispersed regional schools of thought, all of which have therapeutic effectiveness.

All forms of Chinese medicine integrate the founding principles: meridians, yin/yang, 5 elements, microsystems, pathogenic evils, herbal medicine, and the idea that the food we eat is our most important medicine.

Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture

We observe many changes undergone over the thousands of years since these methods began in practice. Illness has also changed. We find that TCM is brilliantly flexible in treating a changing definition of unwell.

As cancer has become more and more common, TCM has adapted to be used alongside allopathic cancer therapies. TCM supports to assist in recovery from the damage caused by life saving therapeutics, and during treatment when side effects affect quality of life.
TCM applies well in supporting your wellness and self care goals. We understand the dynamics of the immune system and can help you make sure yours is ready when attacks by virus are a concern. In most cases, acupuncture can help profoundly with what you are experiencing.

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