Biofield Tuning is a unique method of balancing the body’s energy to help heal traumatic imbalances which exist in the energetic field around your body.

In 2014 when Eileen McKusick’s critically acclaimed book Tuning the Human Biofield was published, this powerful modality began to spread throughout North America and beyond. Training was only available live and in person, and Eileen was still part of every training course. I stalked the website for a foundations course that meshed with the schedule of my Acupuncture Program. I signed up for one in Vermont during my end of summer break in 2018. Shortly thereafter, a foundations course was posted in Toronto, where I live, so I excitedly contacted them to see if I could switch into that course which even sooner during that summer. It was held at a second floor studio on Queen Street. I knew I’d be able to ride my bike down there for the 3-4 days and I was super excited.

The Biofield Tuning foundations course was literally mind blowing.

 I had read the book but really the only experience I’d had with the forks was nothing like actually tuning a human biofield. On training day 2, in front of the whole class of 16 people and 4 instructors, I volunteered to be the first to try to perform a practice tuning. Eileen was careful to remind me of aspects of the structure of the tuning that I slipped on, but she also allowed me to feel what was happening within my practice person and respond intuitively. I remember riding home that evening feeling totally exhausted. We’re taught that audible exhales are an important part of tuning, so that energy does not transfer from the client to the practitioner. It was a great demonstration of the need to do that. 

We learned that the Biofield Tuning training team was not going to be back in Toronto to offer practitioner training until the next summer. It was also uncertain if EIleen would continue teaching, which I felt was a super inspiring part of my foundations course. I decided not to wait. I signed up for the November 2018 course in Burlington Vermont. The course was just as much fun as my foundations course, and again I met a whole bunch of fun new healer people from all around the world. 

In January 2019 I started practicing Biofield Tuning. In April 2019 a collective of practitioners had a booth at the Total Health at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where we offered demo tunings. There were still only a few practitioners in Toronto. Following that an expanded group repeated the format at the Whole Life Expo in November 2019. We met lots of new people but of course these shows are a lot of work! We had sights set on the Yoga show in 2020 but COVID had other plans.

In a session, everyone’s experience is unique. I have clients that want to talk quite a bit during their session, and others that prefer to remain quiet. I have some that feel lots of energetic changes and come off the table wanting to stretch, feeling their fascia responded significantly to the session. I have some that feel emotionally relaxed and others that report a sense of closure or a weight being lifted. Common to all of them however is a nervous system reset, and a relief of physical stress. People usually float out of the room and are instructed to listen to the body while the work is integrated by their biofield.

Remote Sessions

If you have questions before booking your in person or remote session, please use the contact form to reach me. I’d be happy to try to help.

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