Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

In the system of Chinese Medicine, the distinction between mind and body dissolves, leading to a holistic approach to treatment. When determining acupuncture points for a session, we consider both emotional and physical aspects. Sometimes, emotional and physical symptoms intertwine, such as feelings of grief paired with difficulty breathing fully, both associated with the Lung Meridian. Other times, the symptoms may manifest solely on an emotional or physical level. 

Especially in the wake of the pandemic, the loneliness epidemic has become a significant concern. At West Toronto Health, we’ve observed a rise in cases of depression and anxiety, often stemming from the isolation imposed during these challenging times. Many individuals initially welcomed the shift to remote work, relishing the extra time gained. However, prolonged isolation and reliance on virtual interactions led to heightened feelings of sadness. For those over 50, the challenges of loneliness were compounded, with increased rates of divorce leaving many feeling isolated and adrift.

Depression and anxiety are common issues faced by many of our clients, both pre- and post-pandemic. Our approach to treating these conditions mirrors our overall philosophy: identifying the root cause and addressing it effectively from the very first session. In Chinese Medicine, emotional symptoms are linked to specific energy centers in the body, and our treatments are tailored to address the unique needs of each client on any given day.

Energetic imbalances contributing to depression or anxiety can originate from various meridians, including the Heart, Liver, Lung, and Kidney. If you’re struggling and unsure where to turn for help, acupuncture offers a safe, drug-free, and effective starting point. Moreover, many insurance plans cover acupuncture treatments, making them accessible and complementary to other forms of treatment such as medication and talk therapy.

At West Toronto Health, we’re committed to helping you achieve emotional well-being and balance. Contact us today to begin your journey towards holistic healing.

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