Research has shown, MPS (originally known as Dolphin Neurostim), to be beneficial in relieving pain, releasing scar tissue, and effectively healing areas within the fascia and other connective tissue where healthy function has been disrupted.

Treatment types: scar release therapy, pain relief, surgical pain and disability reduction.

MPS applies brief, concentrated DC microcurrent to specific treatment points (acupuncture & trigger) for the purpose of relaxing muscles, calming the nervous system and releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

The combination of the centuries old human body acupuncture meridian map with MPS in a single protocol produces far superior outcomes over traditionally pain therapies.

MPS has been a remarkable success in the fight against chronic pain. The results are so impressive using this approach that complete or substantial relief (60-70%+) from pain may often occur in the first or second treatment. Most patients require 2-10 treatments for lasting outcomes, with some chronic patients requiring ongoing maintenance treatments. MPS protocols are individualized to any patient’s needs and applied non-invasively within 5-20 minutes. MPS stimulation is significantly more effective than any other therapies offered on the marketplace, decreasing pain by over an average of 80% on patients.

MPS protocols bridge many different treatment philosophies to provide therapeutic responses where other modalities may take longer to produce the same results. Because the MPS method is effective in the diagnostic/assessment of root causes of pain, MPS can serve as an invaluable tool to all health professionals in their efforts to substantiate current treatment regime and as an integrative pain tool for superior patient outcomes.

MPS Therapy has also been proven highly effective in the area of scar and adhesion treatment.

I am certified in the use of this technology for pain relief and scar release therapies since completing the pain management training in January 2019.

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